Day 18 , Fox to Haast, 130km , 867m 

Fox Glacier , the sun was kind of in the wrong place but the view and the day was fantastic , i could not resist the walk all the way up to thebglacier lookout . 

The icein the river comming off the glacier is an good indication of jow cold it was . 

Quentin and Zack , tow other competitors that i have been meet most days in the south island 

Knights point lookout , another of our checkpoints, i lasted about 5 minutes here and had to flee the sandflies , ate on the bike on the run.


Some of the wind beaten weat coast forest. 

My bike has under gone some improvements on the way , new bars in wellington , highly recomend the jones bars and added some bar tape in hokitika . GPS up front so i know where to go . 

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