Day 15 , Reefton to Greymouth , 104 km, 1526m 

An interesting track ahead , everyone had been talking it up so badly that i really had no idea what to expect , most having ridden it before did not want to do it again , Big river track and Waiuta from reefton down to Ikamahuta  . 


Met Hamish in the cafe in Reefton in the morning with Steve, and joined them for the next section. 
 The start of Big River 

BigRiver leads into the  Waiuta  track. Big river was a pleasant surprise being infinitely rideable and actually not a bad surface , much better than the Mangatapu saddle into Nelson had  been . 

Steve and Hamish ,  stopping for a quick bite before hitting the more difficult section of Waiuta.

Waiuta was an amazing track and turns out to be one of my favourites so far with Bridge to nowhere being a close second . This would be an awesome single track to attack in the dry on my dually . But eveyone tells me its never dry . 

Steve broke his carbon seatpost and Garry a roadie friend from Blackball (just down the road ) came to the rescue , and as it happened my tired decided to delaminate about now and Garry went home and found me a 26 in mountainbike tire and returned just as it went flat . Thanks garry , saved me a temporary repair and wait in greymouth for an open biem shop . Trails angles to the rescue again .

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