Day 16 , Graymouth to Ross , 135km , 833m 

This had to be one of the most pleasant days despite the weather . I had booked a motel in Ross at the end of the West Coast Wilderness trail . 

After a interesting night in a backpackers /homestay with a tain rolling past  my head in the middle of the night and someone being sick in the next room . I got up at about 630 for a bowl of cereal and a hot tea before hitting the streets of Greymouth in the hope of finding coffee and a more substantial breakfast to ride out on . 

After the first dissapointing coffee i actually found a second better one and met another cyclist callen Shannon from Melbourne. 

  Riding out of Greymouth 

  The Weat Coast Wilderness trail ! 

  One of many of the amazing swing bridges 

  A very well graded decent 

  The Hokita Clock Tower , anther milestone 

   Dinner at the Ross pub with Ross, Shelly(taking the photo) myself , Zack and Quentin . 

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